Title Tags Difficulty Solutions Submitter
&& Versus And operators, presidence Elementary 1530 david
A Man, A Plan, A Canal--Panama! strings Easy 316
Alternate Array Notation arrays Elementary 1153 david
An Unconventional Join rails, join, arrays, strings Easy 107 david
Architecting a Solution structs, classes Easy 272 david
Array Item Removal arrays Elementary 1404 david
Array to Hash arrays, hashes Medium 242 tylera
Architect of SixCity algorithm, math, random, optimization Hard 9 tarvit
Baby Got Stacks classes, stacks Elementary 699
Battleship arithmetic, rand, game Medium 68 tarvit
Bigger element array Elementary 482 rinaldifonseca
Blackjack arithmetic, splat operator Elementary 1950
Brackets and Searches strings Elementary 1227 david
Caution Case case statements, ranges Elementary 1046 masassiez
Class Test object-oriented programming, classes Easy 828 david
Constant Rule constant Easy 608 usa
Counting Elements in Array arrays Easy 263 lucascaton
Default Encoding encoding Elementary 582 znz
Defined? Or not? Object, defined? Elementary 862 lucascaton
Defusing a Bomb nil, exceptions Easy 330 david
Each With Object ruby 1.9, enumerables Easy 517 david
Fixing Bad Code the Wrong Way method_missing, classes Easy 359
FizzBuzz arithmetic, strings Elementary 2283
Generating Random Numbers rand Easy 760 david
Getters and Setters classes Elementary 1145 david
Guess the Sequence math, integers Medium 67 david
Happy Numbers arithmetic Medium 195
Hello? Yes, This Is Dog strings, regular expressions Medium 215
Hello World strings Elementary 2994
I Put Some S-Expressions in Your Ruby s-expressions, functional programming Medium 60 david
Implement a Hash With Indifferent Access hashes, classes Easy 159 david
Implement Array#abbrev arrays, hash Medium 52 znz
Implement Array#duplicates arrays Medium 88 david
Implement Array#each enumerables Medium 155 nilbus2
Implement Array#flatten arrays Medium 134 david
Implement Array#interleave arrays Easy 244 david
Implement Array#transpose arrays Medium 119 znz
Implement Object#try objects, nil Medium 147 david
Implement Shellwords.split strings Medium 44 znz
Including Modules classes, modules Easy 671 david
Injected and Rejected arithmetic, enumerables Elementary 1587
Introduction to Regular Expressions strings, regular expressions Easy 573
The Truth booleans Elementary 3386
Join URL params url, params Easy 239 lucascaton
Like a Snowflake arrays Medium 122 david
Keep Our Parks Clean! metaprogramming Medium 114 kbennoune
Map enumerables Elementary 2504
Mason's Spades Problem probability, arithmetic Hard 9
Maximum numbers Elementary 2750
Method Acting methods, metaprogramming Easy 576 david
Module Inheritance modules, classes, object-oriented programming Medium 95 kbennoune
Nil Values nil, booleans Elementary 2667
No Limit strings Elementary 786 masassiez
One of These is Not Like the Others arrays, classes Medium 141 david
Pack Template UTF-8 pack Easy 132 znz
Pascal's Triangle math, arithmetic Medium 109 david
Phanaeng Curry lambdas, functions, functional programming Elementary 521 david
Picking Lottery Numbers arrays Easy 627 david
Pigs Fly; Wait, No They Don't. exceptions Medium 300
Prime Factorization math, primes, factorization Medium 95 david
Prime Factors arithmetic Medium 157
Quelle Heure Est-Il? dates, strings Easy 142
Queue Continuum classes, queues Elementary 881
Redefining Splat splat operator, unary, asterik Easy 117 shugo
Regular Expressions Revisted regular expressions, strings, arrays Medium 102
Reverse strings Elementary 3015
Reverse Array Using For arrays, for, loops Medium 87 shugo
Reverse Each Word strings, enumerables Easy 935
Select Map enumerables, procs Easy 127 masassiez
Separating Numbers with Commas strings, regular expressions Easy 456 naruse
Set Intersection arrays Elementary 1198 znz
Shortest Path Hard 23 Mason
Shotgun Assignment variables Elementary 510 pelargir
Simple String Substitution strings Easy 143 david
Something Doesn't Add Up arithmetic Medium 281 dghopkins
Subtracting Out The Sugar arithmetic Elementary 1287 david
Sum of Primes sum, enumerables, primes, arithmetic Medium 109 mstalker
Temperature Robot case statements, ranges, ranges Elementary 1744
The Curious Case of the Missing Method enumerables, arrays Elementary 2064
The Curious Case of the Missing Method Part 2 enumerables Elementary 1770
The Curious Case of the Missing Method Part 3 methods, enumerables Elementary 875 david
The Curious Case of the Missing Method Part 4 classes Elementary 672 david
The Curious Case of the Missing Method Part 5 arrays Elementary 622 david
The Gray Area booleans Easy 235 david
The Limits of Probability arithmetic, probability, rand Elementary 843 david
The Little Hash Key that Could hash Easy 678 jmpeck
The Traveling Salesman genetic programming Medium 45 david
There's No Way This Works strings Elementary 1570 david
Transpose Me matrices Medium 35 Mason
Traversing a Hash hashes Medium 134 david
Validating Credit Card Numbers strings, enumerables Medium 122 irkenInvader
What's Your Area of Expertise objects, geometry Easy 534 RubyRedRick
Your Favorite and Mine, Fibonacci! arithmetic Easy 700
Random Boolean rand, booleans Easy 399 znz
The Lambda Lambda Lambda Fraternity lambdas, procs, ruby 1.9 Easy 495
Ternary Operator operators, ternary operators Elementary 966 david
Unidentified X Object strings, operators Easy 216 masassiez
Or Equal operators Elementary 1384 david
There's No Way This Works Version 2 strings Elementary 1370 david
Home on the Range ranges Elementary 1301
Version Sort arrays Medium 59 znz